Can I Track My Husband's Phone Without Having Physical Access to His Smartphone Remotely

Is he cheating and can I get proof? I am in pretty good shape and look more like I am in my midlate 30s. That password reminds me of all the pain,deception and embarrassment I went through because of the affair. I have had a very hard time now three kids and 14years marriage wish I didnt take home back. Im still not weight bearing.

I am not trying to hold on to any anger or resentment. Good luck honey. She broke down and finally confessed. I also dont think I know how to love a partner unconditionally. He went and got tattoos and is supportive of the girls getting them if they want. I really wanted to have a baby and I thought it might happen this year and only thinking that it might not happen is just so scary. Hes been under so much stress, leaving a job hes been at for 15 years, to having to start another business all by himself with no help, working up until 78 at night, then finally getting home to just work more!

Take your time and get yourself centered. I got home and the woman came and told me she had a 4 month affair with him. like i said damaging harmfull backstabing never againg hatefull words tat cant be taken bak after said n for her to apologize for it haha i got better luck playing the lottery so if i do react to it her next message after tat is no other than well get the f*** out ma house n take ur shit wit u witch she very well know i have noone but her i got nothing ive lost everything and even more damaging to my selfsteem n my love i lost a big piece of my life my life b4 her my oldest daughter.

Ive lost all hope. Top 10 Facebook Messenger Spy I have a great job, and I cant continue like this. I would look at social media to find out things.

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Hi, I wonder if there are any WiFi sniffer tools that you can recommend. he doesnt have a secret email (and he does) The fact that he made poor decisions, lied to me and keeps secrets from me mean its all over? Honestly sometimes you have to do for your self and dont worry about the kids or what he thinks once a cheater always a cheater especially if it happened more than one or even twice.